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Bad bad Company

I recently bought Battlefield Bad Company 2, yeah.. an ORIGINAL game which cost me bout RM130. Its a first person shooter game developed by EA. The game is a direct sequel to Battlefield: Bad Company, which is only for Xbox 360 and PS3 platform.

This is the first time for me to buy an original game because the review of this game is awesome and another reason why I bought the original one because of its online multi-player game. Installing the pirated one is just wrong and eventually you can’t play the online multi-player game. I just hate it when I can’t play online or any co-op games, for example Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Watching my brothers play in PS3 was so cool to play online( I totally suck at playing first person shooter games in PS3), where I’m just stuck cause of the pirated stuff. Back to the topic, It also has a single player campaign where you play as Private Preston Marlowe. The storyline of the single player campaign is very interesting too (no spoilers).

As some of you all know in the previous sequel, you can blow trees down or make a hole in the wall, but this time is even better. You can now blow almost everything up. This is just too realistic!!

Compared to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, you are able to use variety of weapons, vehicles, helicopter, and you even able to control and a UAV helicopter via remote computer terminals. This game completely puts COD to shame. I’ll give it a 9/10 rate for Bad Company 2.


What if

Recently on my previous post, I mentioned something bout designing a house for my mom’s land. I was checking out some architect designs through some random websites and I found this weird looking building which has wall climbing and bouldering!!

Its basically apartments for students in some campus at Nederlands. Its just too awesome and cool for a dormitory!! If only we do this in Malaysia university.. for example, each MMU’s hostel build with bouldering and wall climbing. A lot of people will definitely enjoy staying in hostel even though the connection is sucky there. Every morning, bouldering before class, and after class end wall climbing!! weee~ but thats not gonna happen anyway.. but I think I’ll take note of this when I start designing a house for my mom’s land.


Its almost end of the first week of holiday and I quite didn’t do anything at all, just Facebook-ing and read online news most of the time. At first, my mom and I wanted to go to Singapore but canceled the plan cause my sis has her A levels exam going on until June (wish you all the best sis!!). So basically I’m just stuck at home doing house chores and my guitars.

Btw, here’s another nice comic strip from Bob-Rz which i find it hilarious:

Yeah, this is a good warning to those people who smokes, especially women who smokes. It doesn’t show that you’re hot and sexy, it shows you’re being bitchy. And it kills :)

Anyways, back to the holiday-ing topic, while I was packing and clearing my room full of books and papers I don’t need anymore, I found all my art drawings and somehow felt like picking up my drawing skills back. But it really needs a lot of patience and inspiration, which I currently don’t have any inspiration at all. Was thinking of designing a house for my mom’s land somewhere near Batu Caves. I’m not an architect though but I know how it works… A bit I guess.. =.=

Maybe this comic strip from Bob-Rz can give me a little more inspiration again:

Yesterday, i went to a grocery shop to get myself a can of pepsi, but i saw something very interesting that caught my eyes. A hot choc in a can!!?!?! I knew something like this but I thought it was use for a bomb @@

Anyways, I started reading the instructions first. THEY HAD A FREAKIN INSTRUCTION!! =.=”

After carefully reading the instructions,  I followed step one and turn the can upside down.

See even the bottom looks so awesome with bombastic words like “Activation”. Its like “activating” a bomb!! With my curiosity overwhelming my doubts I tore it up like a beast!!

Of course I did tear it up carefully just in case god knows wat could have happened if i did ever tore it up like a beast…

I pushed the “Activation” button about 1.5cm (guising i did push it about that low) to commence the fusion between whatever chemical that is making the heat in it and so I quickly started shaking the can.

About 20seconds, I stop shaking the can and leave it for about 3 minutes.

Oh btw, there’s even an indicator when its ready to drink!!

It didn’t really show it was ready so I waited and waited… until the indicator showed it was green(ready to drink) and red(means hot)!!

The 3 minutes kinda feel like you’re microwaving something. Ok, here is a mistake I did after 3minutes. I opened the black plastic cover covering the can on top, which it was to actually prevent a massive explosion of hot choc…

Unfortunately, my camera did get a bit of hot chocolate stains and and a paper bag behind me on my right… it was kinda weird that my shirt didn’t really get any hot chocolate stain at all. @@ Somehow, it really gives me an idea that this concept really came from a hand grenade theoretically..

Anyways, it wasn’t that bad though, just that it was a little pricey.. RM5.90 only :)